Our project is currently involved in supporting a CoP (Community of Practice) focused on knowledge sharing and knowledge creation in the field of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Our LCA CoP is formed by a group of researchers who share a concern, a set of problems, or a passion about the LCA topic, and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interacting on an ongoing basis in line with the definition provided by Wenger et al (2002).


The wordwide attention towards a more sustainable product development made engineers consider environmental issues along with other more traditional ones, e.g. technical and economical requirements (Fargnoli et al., 2012). Life Cycle Assessment is widely considered as a systematic approach where a product, a process or a service is analyzed in each stage of its life, from raw materials extraction and processing, through production, distribution and use, to disposal and recycling. The LCA methodology is based on the collection, the quantification of all inputs and outputs of materials and energy with specific procedures, as well as the assessment of environmental impacts associated to a product system within its boundaries throughout its whole life cycle. (Baldo, 2000).

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can be even more effective when it is integrated with a LCA tool, that may assess environmental impacts of a product or a service in order to address future design activities. By this point of view, Eco-Design can be the best approach in order to produce more effective results during development stages.

With this in mind, the LCA CoP wants to be a sharing point for open discussion and exchange of views among researchers belonging to different research projects in a multidisciplinary context

KHIRA LCA Community of Practice deals with the following issues:

  • LCA, simplified LCA and standard ISO 14040 serie
  • Environmental Product Declaration (ISO 14025)
  • Standard ISO 14001 serie
  • Assessment of softwares and methods for LCA and simplified LCA
  • Ecodesign and Life Cycle Thinking
  • Sustainable business development


  • dott. Mariangela Lazoi, Ph.D.
  • dott. Gianfranco De Marco
  • ing. arch. Carla Di Biccari
  • dott. Andrea Gentile
  • dott. Domenico Marano
  • ing. Claudio Rocco, Ph.D.
  • ing. Roberta Sicilia
  • ing. Carlo Torrente

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