Knolwedge-based Lifecycle InnOvation living Lab – KLIO Lab

KLIO Lab wants to provide support to the organizations operating in the aerospace industry through an user-centric and user-driven innovation process.
It defines a functional experimental open region characterized by the simultaneous presence of both public and private sector (Public Private Partnership Person) to create, prototype, validate, test new services, products and systems in a real-life context (e.g. the city itself, industrial plants) in which, ICT technological innovation (for design, operations management and collaboration), should support innovation processes.



  1. Managing a collaborative environment where industrial partners, research centers, universities and local companies can give life to participatory open user-centric innovation processes;
  2. Creating a framework for the development of public-private synergies in order to support methodologies and technologies for cooperation and co-creation;
  3. Involving the Apulian manufacturing stakeholders potentially interested in KLIO Lab ‘s innovative development issues;
  4. Supporting the creation of innovative enterprises as an answer to the needs aroused during the operational phase of KLIO Lab ;
  5. Testing the results of project KHIRA through the methods of the living lab.



  1. Being a metaphysical place that enables the creation of new ideas and synergistic networks of people and organizations that could develop them;
  2. Pushing ICT and aerospace ideas and projects and accelerate results industrialization processes;
  3. Exploiting, in a synergic way, expertise, skills and resources of the organizations in order to create innovation and new innovative enterprises;
  4. Promoting the spread of knowledge and its conversion into processes, products or services;
  5. Gaining public and private funding to carry out innovation projects.


KLIO Lab Methodology

KLIO Lab methodology for creation and management of the Living Lab aims to support manufacturing enterprises located in the Apulia region in coping with both innovation and co-creation of products/services and also with the process of continuous learning and improvement.
The methodology consists of three main phases with various processes within which are classified into organizational processes (shown in green) and processes of innovation development (represented in blue).
Some processes can affect the whole Living Lab life and are represented in a horizontal way, while others are represented in a vertical way, referred to a limited period of time compared to the entire activity of the Living Lab.


KLIO Lab Methodology